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Dolphyn is not just another Jupyter server.

We rethought notebook organization to help you collaborate and iterate faster. Bringing the flexibility of local machines to the scalability of cloud.

In Dolphyn, notebooks are first-class citizens, since that's where experiments start. And they come baked in with all of the features you would want. One-click scaling. Environments to your liking. Flexible scheduling. Shared with your team, by default. Centralized data access. Notifications for long running jobs. Just to name a few.

Dolphyn gives you the speed of working locally and limitless scale; all without the lethargy of virtual machines — in short, dexterity.

Stay in flow.

Dolphyn marries the flexibility of your native machine with the limitless scale of cloud compute. Launch prebuilt notebook environments in seconds be it Tensorflow  , PyTorch or Scikit Learn .

Customize environments to suit your data and modelling needs. Quickly connect to any data source using code snippets and magics. Stay on top of long running jobs via notifications.

We have taken every workflow and made it easier so you stay in flow. Everytime.

Scale smartly.

Imagine being able to scale your compute for different stages of your experiment. Higher memory and GPUs for training but lower memory CPUs for data preparation or visualization.

Scale within seconds, where it makes sense, right inside the notebook. No YAML. No APIs. Scale configurations seamlessly, and smartly.

Be brilliant as a team.

You’re trying to explain your model. Or maybe you want your colleague’s opinion on your experiment. You might try emailing notebooks or coordinate via git. But often it isn’t easy to communicate the whole picture asynchronously.

Dolphyn makes it simple by giving everyone on the team a shared view and instant access to all notebooks and data sources, by default.

You’ll iterate faster with less miscommunication, clear feedback and fewer missed deadlines. You’ll be brilliant as a team.

Automate like a pro.

Whether you're setting up a data pipeline, fine tuning your models or reporting your findings, you need a real-time pulse on your notebooks.

We've baked scheduling and triggers into Dolphyn, available in just a few clicks right in the notebook.

No more wrangling with cron jobs, lambda functions and APIs.

Effortless data access.

Declare once, use everywhere.

Central access to data, environment variables and files makes it easy to switch between notebooks without breaking flow.

Connect to data and files quickly.

Connect quickly to data using code snippets and magics. Import notebooks from Github or local storage with a click.

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